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Thursday, January 27, 2005

At long last!!

Ah, well. Finally got my own blog!!

What made me finally do it? I guess its been a long time coming, it just needed a little effort to choose the blog page and set it. All 5 minutes of it. And 3 minutes of it was spent choosing a blog page name...

I was just on a short holiday at the Swiss Garden at Damai Laut, when i was reading Forbes magazine which said that blogging will become the biggest tech trend in 2005. I think it already is. Well, here I go jumping on the bandwagon.

Some introductions, first. I'm happily married to the most beautiful woman on earth, have two girls and work in the property line in the centre of KL, Malaysia. And when I mean centre, its really the centre! Well actually, 200 meters off centre, its opposite KLCC.

Anyway I hope to hear any comments or postings, drop me a line!


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