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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cheap Calls

Everyday, millions of people in this city make phone calls. Some make just one or two, most people I know make at least a dozen a day, either from the office, on their mobile phone, or from the cordless at home. Those that work in sales or marketing make even more, and I’ve a friend who works from his car moving about everyday, makes at least 30 calls a day just to keep in touch with his central office and clients all across the city.

The phone has become such an integral part of our lives without us fully realizing it, just as the car or train has. Just as the phone has become a second nature, we are spending more and more each year paying phone bills. Phone usage has a way of racking up huge bills without us knowing, or at least until the next month when we receive that letter in the mail.

This is especially true when you make long distance and overseas call, and during peak hours the rates are even higher. Many businesses do not have a choice but to do so, as it is the nature of their business to be in constant contact with their stakeholders.

Here’s a money saving tip – get up to 80% savings with a pre-loaded international phone card. Get the card appropriate to the country you most often call and immediately you are paying less for talking more, and that is not all. The cards cover most of the major long distance carriers like Sprint and AT&T. How do you get the card? Very simple, just go to and follow the instructions on screen to order the card of your choice.

Don’t ever pay full price for another international call for your business or own use again, now with international phone cards.



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