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Friday, January 28, 2005

Edu considers leaving Arsenal

The rumour is that Edu is considering leaving Arsenal for Spanish champions, Valencia.

As a Gooner for the past 25 years, I can understand why many of the fans are out with the knives for the Brazilian midfielder. But I also can understand his position. The previous 3 seasons where Arsenal has won 4 trophies (including the ‘Invincible’ season of 03/04) Edu has not been more than a bit part player in the team, even for Wenger’s small squad. As a central midfielder, he’s always behind the pecking order of Vieira, Gilberto Silva and Parlour (now with Boro). As a left winger, he has no chance against Pires and now with Reyes.

The only chances he got to start a match were basically when the regulars were injured. Arsene Wenger is not known for regular squad rotation. He almost always starts the best team he has. Just ask Thierry Henry.

In spite of that, he has had many great games in the Premiership, and a few fabulous ones in Europe. I can always remember 2 magnificent goals – one against Inter at San Siro (where he was carded for the celebrations) and another against Celta de Vigo. Another interesting fact about the latter game – he was up against his namesake Edu Moya in the Celta midfield.

As this season it has only been injury after injury for him. And worse still his latest – a broken toe, was sustained in a Carling Cup match, alongside the Arsenal reserves.

As a fan, I feel that Edu may not have handled this situation in the best possible way, considering how the fans have stood by the team in recent years. But I guess he has to look for the best of his own interests. The promise of a regular slot in Valencia versus substitute player with Arsenal…? He has to make his own choices.

If he goes, I wish Eduardo Cesar Daude Gaspar all the best in La Liga, and thanks for the memories. But I think he knows in his heart that he will not find another team like Wenger’s Invincibles.


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