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Thursday, December 14, 2006

And Another Thing About My Wonderful Neighbours...

I’ve mentioned my neighbours before, and after a quite few months, they’ve acted up again. As I’m typing now, one of the couples staying there are having a massive shouting matches (I’ve no idea what’s it about, I can’t make out the screaming words at the top of their voices). It’s a bit like those Hong Kong serials really, except they not as good-looking or have designer apartments, and also here they use a lot more vulgarities than on TV. A LOT more.

These shouting matches tend to follow a certain pattern, but I notice it not because I’m so the very paat, but with these thin walls of my low cost house, privacy doesn’t mean much around here.

First girl’s mother comes and visit. Then after a weekend or a week, the old lady goes home. I know this because the old lady will wash everything there is to wash in the house – bedding, tablecloth, mats, etc. that never gets washed unless when she’s around. I also know whenever she’s around because the girl and mother will be trading gossip loudly through the night.

Then after the nice old lady goes home, after a day or two, the guy and girl disagree on something. I can’t say for sure if it really has anything the nice visiting mother, their profanity-laced shoutings are too complicated for me.

After a few minutes of screaming, I can hear things being thrown, doors slammed, and tables (or cupboards) thumped. Not necessarily in that order. Ah, the many splendours of marital bliss...

Then the screaming goes outside, one party (I’m not interested to stick my head outside to see which party) slams car door (heavily modded racerboy Honda Civic), drives off.

The next day things are back to normal, whatever passes for normal around here.

At least until nice old lady visits again.


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