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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Six Random Facts About Myself

Long time blog-pal Inevitable tagged me this one, I'm supposed to write 6 random facts about myself. Six? Only six? Let me see...

Fact Number One:
This afternoon I tried this roasted pork sold as a specialty from a [tag]wine[/tag] shop called the The Vintry in Damansara Heights. Yes, Chinese-style “siew yoke” from an Italian vino shop. Quite nice, though.

Fact Number Two:
Speaking of wines, I love this non-alcoholic Lorina Frenchberry Juice that Parkson Subang Parade used to sell. Since Cold Storage took over, they’ve stopped selling it. The only other place I know that sells it is Xtra Supermarket in Mines. Yeah, I know, its weird.

Fact Number Three:
I always look at the big picture, evaluate everything from the perspective of the grand cosmic scheme of things. Ergo, I don’t sweat the details.

Fact Number Four:
I own a special edition silver Gameboy Light (with green backlight). Apparently, its quite quite rare, I read that only 1000 were manufactured and sold. I seriously doubt it, I bought it from the pasar malam stall in Cheow Yeang SS2.

Fact Number Five:
I spend 45 hours to complete [tag]Final Fantasy VII[/tag] on [tag]PSOne[/tag] the first time. Still a classic. And by the way, [tag]Advent’s Children[/tag] is awesome.

Fact Number Six:
I stopped eating regular lunches more than 7 years ago. Unless its with someone, nowadays. Most people I know cannot understand why...

Anyone else is welcome to do it.


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