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Friday, November 16, 2007

Top Ten Signs That It’s Getting Too HOT In Malaysia These Days

Man, it’s hot these days. I can’t sleep at night without sweating, and my colleagues don’t go out for lunch anymore because ‘it’s just too hot’.

I dunno, global warming is one thing, I feel like I’m living in a microwave these days.

Top Ten Signs That It's Getting Too HOT In Malaysia These Days

  • Even the tudung-clad makciks selling nasi lemak outside my office under the hot sun are wearing miniskirts.

  • Even the Bahrain Formula One GP is now branding themselves as ‘The Second Hottest Race On Earth – There’s No Way Our Desert Is Hotter Than KL!’

  • Malay stall operators start flipping burgers on the bonnets of their modded Proton Wira’s to save on cooking gas.

  • Speaking of Proton, the latest line of cars to be released this year has only two settings on the air-conditioning – ‘OFF’ and ‘3’. Nobody ever uses 1 and 2 anymore.

  • KL roadside rats start migrating to Genting and Camerons for the summer during March to September.

  • Speaking of Genting, they have changed their concept of the theme park rides to ‘Desert Heat Adventure’, ‘Tropical Jungle Cruise’, etc.

  • For the fashion-conscious – White is the new black. It also attracts less heat.

  • These days, at McDonald’s, soft drink refills are still free, but tube ice costs 50 sen per cup.

  • Latest drink at the mamak - Ho Yan Hor Ais Limau.

  • I stop eating curry mee during lunch. Serious.


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