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Monday, November 12, 2007

Wedding Up North

I'll be off to the north for a wedding, coming back the next day. I just hope that the traffic will not be horrendous - i've heard enough horror stories about cars breaking down along the way. Things are not helped by the fact that after soooooo loooong, they have yet to finish the highway expansion works all along the stretch from KL up to the north.

Incidentally, i was speaking to OBC the other day, who was telling about how he worked for numerous companies in the mid 90's that were involved in the construction of the highway. He has a treasure trove of humourous and interesting tales to tell of those days, a real man of the toil so to speak.

According to him, even in the initial construction stages, the government has made provisions whereever possible to have an extension to 3 lanes all the way. This is more tricky than it sounds - considering the number of bridges and ravines along the way.

I suppose some places it would have been damn near impossible to prepare that extension 10 years ago - Gua Tempurung would be a good example.

Anyway, hope the wedding goes well. I don't know anyone there except for my in-laws.


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