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Friday, October 01, 2010

Falling Down

Took me more than 90 minutes to get to work today. The trip usually takes less than an hour, but with the early morning rain and the mini-floods, the city has ground to a standstill. City Hall always asserts that ‘every city has this problem’ but I think it isn’t a good excuse. If there is no room for improvement and everything is running efficiently, I can understand that. But sometimes these floods are due to poor maintenance and rubbish choking the rivers - stuff that can be mitigated easily.

So don’t sit back and do nothing while giving us excuses.

I think the residents our good city along with those that stay in the surrounding suburbs have more or less become numb to these problems, and simply putting up with it and where possible working around the problems.

But every so often, when push comes to shove, things will come to a head. Reminds me of Michael Douglas in 'Falling Down'.


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