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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hong Kong Holiday Part 2

Our hotel was BP International, in TsimShaTsui the Kowloon Peninsular. It's a nice hotel, right at the edge of the famous Kowloon park. The hotel is run by the Scouts Association of Hong Kong, and there is a large picture of Sir Baden Powell in the lobby and many of the scout motifs such as the fleur de lis can be seen everywhere.

The hotel has a large lobby, but the rooms are small as with all hotels around here. Once we fitted in an extra bed, there was hardly any room left to walk. Our room had a great view of the business district of Kowloon. It would have been better if it overlooked the beautiful Kowloon Park, but no complains there.

Harbour City is a very long shopping complex with all the usual fashion and retail outlets you'd find everywhere.


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