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Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Day Off (Part 4)

(continued from earlier)

So after the long time at KL Tower, we went down the hill right smack into the peak hour traffic. Although it was slow going, Maya Hotel was quite nearby, so the journey too less than half and hour. We reached there and parked, but it was still too early to start dinner so we sat around in the British Council next door to get some rest, and also to check out the magazines they had there.

Read the whole issue of Mojo and Empire.

After that it was dinner at The Brasserie. It was really good. There was a function going on at the main seating area, so got a place at the adjacent fine dining restaurant called Still Waters. The food was excellent, and to top it all off there was Movenpick ice-cream...

(to be continued, again)


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