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Friday, June 08, 2007

Hong Kong Holiday Part 7

Our tour guide was really good, this affable chap who, in his own words, looked a little like ‘Andy Lau from the left’. The told us lots of interesting stuff – a bit of history, some gossip, and pointed out to us some of the homes where big stars stayed.

The promenade was very beautiful, our guide told us that the overall layout was made out in a shape of a great bird facing north – symbolizing Hong Kong’s return to motherland China. At the tip of the ‘bird’ is a golden bauhinia monument, a gift from China as it is the national flower of Hong Kong. The monument is an unopened bauhinia, when it is open it should look like the one pictured in the flag.

We took lots of pictures of the place, but didn’t venture far as it was really hot!


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