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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Old Ride

Sometimes I feel that I really need to buy a new car. My age old Mitsubishi Lancer is really showing it’s age on me these days, in a bad way. The other day, it showed it age by blowing some steam – right in the middle of the highway at peak hour. Not the best of time to do it, and not the best place either. But I don’t really have a choice in rides, it’s the one and only wheels I have.

Of course I’d like to get a new car, who wouldn’t? but new car prices are shocking to say the least. That’s not including insurance, and registration. Add it all up and I probably won’t have enough money for petrol.

But one option I have been actively exploring are Used Cars. These days there are lots and lots of second-hand car showrooms around my area, with even more cars on offer. Some are really cheap, some are as expensive as a new one. You have Continental cars, Japanese cars, UK cars, Korean cars, even one or two American models. Used Cars aren’t the shoddy lemons that they are associated with back in the 70’s. I have set a budget and am looking for one used car that I really like.

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