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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

Anyone remember the movie ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’? I love that oldie. There’s this scene that I absolutely love where Marilyn Monroe’s character, Lorelei Lee, sings the song 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend'. There’s a later scene in the movie where the song is sung again by another actress.

More than 30 years later, Madonna sort of spoofed that famous scene for her ‘Material Girl’ video.

That aside, diamonds are always a girl’s best friend. Why? Because it stands for many things girls treasure. It is the ultimate in beautiful stones. It is also one of the most precious, not to mention that it is one of the hardest substances in the world, it is also used to cut metal and glass in industrial mills.

But as Ian Fleming rightly noted, Diamonds are Forever, and so does the allure of diamonds and diamond rings. Diamond rings are customarily used as Engagement Rings, because it symbolizes the eternal love between two lovebirds.

Similarly, gold rings or gold bands are commonly used as wedding rings, perhaps the unending gold circle represents the unending bond of a wedding matrimony.

But back to diamonds. The newest trend in jewelry is Black Diamond rings, a truly beautiful type of diamond encrusted into a ring, and it is at the moment very popular with celebrities, who can be seen on the cover of glossy magazines and gossip magazines sporting these stylish ornaments. Black diamonds, or carbonado as they are also known, are natural polycrystalline diamonds mined mainly in Central African Republic and South America. Most of the time it is black in color, but sometimes you get a grey shade.

If you do not fancy rings, then Diamond Pendants may be just the jewelry for you. Pendants are an elegant accessory that can be worn for formal events. A pendant makes a good gift for your loved ones regardless what age they are. is the premier website to buy gold rings and diamond rings. But they have more than that, they carry almost every type of jewelry and accessory available, like pearl necklaces, earrings, Sapphire Rings, gemstone bracelets, and many others more. What’s more interesting, you can even design your own bracelet in this website, maybe make a special one that is one in the world for your loved one. They also have an active blog for the website, which we found to be very interesting!


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