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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Online Insurance

My good friend Manny just related this problem he had some months back. This other friend of his, let’s call him Peter, kept pestering him to get an insurance policy. Nothing wrong with that, but this Peter guy went about it the wrong way – he was persistent to the point of being annoying, and when Manny actually asked for some details of the policies that Peter had to offer, this Peter chap was not entirely well versed with his own products and took more than a week to answer some of the simple questions like coverage and cost.

But that is just one small example of a bad insurance encounter.

Nonetheless, insurance has become an integral part of our modern living especially in the high paced society we find ourselves in. Most people have more than one, the more common ones are life insurance, annuity, home insurance and auto insurance. For those who have boats, boat insurance is also a commonly held policy.

But if you are having problems with finding a good agent to handle your policies or answer any questions you have about insurance, online insurance could very well be your solution. EZ insurance portal gives all the info you need in one place. Just key in your zip code and they will find you an agent in your area.


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