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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Most people have not heard of Gerd Lang, but if you are into magnificent Swiss watches (and by swiss watches i don't mean specifically Swatch watches) you would probably know the great watchmaker.

Gerd Lang is the master craftsman behind the chronoswiss watch brand name, and they are well known worldwide since 1983 for making beautiful and excellent timepieces that do justice to the tradition of Swiss watches.

In fact he's also known as 'Mr Chronograph', an honor bestowed on him for his fame in the field.

But even if you are not into history, walk into any reputable shop and pick up a chronoswiss watch, you will be amazed by the detail and functionality. They have an excellent selection of watch designs and styles to meet different people’s taste, so you can be sure that there is a right model for you when you check them out. The last time I was at the watch shop buying a present for my wife, I was really impressed with their models they had on sale.

But beyond all that, Chronoswiss watches is the standard when it comes to quality products, and it doesn’t hurt that they are very good-looking. Don’t be satisfied with sub-par watches, go for Chronoswiss.


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