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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Maya Riviera

I'll tell you a dream of mine. Its a combination of two loves of my life - travel, and food. It's have a sumptuous fine dining meal, in an exotic location.

Talk about exotic tourist locations - it doesn't get any better than down south in Mexico. And specifically, the Maya Riviera. And as for good food? Well, Karisma Hotels are having an excellent Adults Only All Inclusive Hotel deal where you can choose any one of their fine hotels and resorts along the fabled Maya Riviera to stay while enjoying the opportunity to dine of fabulous gourmet food by their reknowned chefs.

The concept is great - you get an intimate hotel room with beachside bar to rekindle that romance with your loved one, and even enjoy the services of their dedicated Beach Butlers to make your holiday experience wonderful.

And if your are a closet nudist, check out their Hidden Beach Resort Au Natural Club for some surprises... :)


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