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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beauty Jobs

My sister had always harbored a dream of being a famous beautician when she was a little kid growing up. She would always play dressing up with her dolls and pretend to apply makeup to them, or do their hair, as the way i guess most small girls do.

I think one summer during college she spent her holidays working as a part time apprentice at the local beauty parlor. But as she grew older i think the dream faded fast, now she's a marketing executive at a large multinational firm.

Getting jobs in the beauty industry in the beauty industry is not an easy thing, even if you are highly qualified or have loads of experience. My sister got her apprenticeship because she knew the owner, but anyway that was just a 2 month part time gig anyway.

But if you are looking for employment or employees, you can go to, its all there. Just key in your zip code or select your preferences, you can see all the openings, whether you're a cosmetologist or a sales consultant.


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