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Friday, January 28, 2005

It's Friday again...

It’s Friday afternoon at work here, and I’ll bet most people have their minds in the weekend already. I have to work half day tomorrow, but Fridays nights are always welcome. Looking at the calendar, there are only 2 weekends left to the Chinese New Year, including this one.

Yep, Chinese New Year. I can forsee the next 2 weeks, its going to be a mad rush at the shopping centres every evening. You can forget about going into Chinese areas like SS2, Puchong Jaya, Damasara Uptown… A few years ago we tried to get some BBQ meat (bak kua) at Sun Wing Heong in SS2. This was like 1 week before New Year. The jam to get there was bad enough, at 7.00pm! And when we got there, the line stretched out to the shop!! And luckily we got some, those at the end of the line couldn’t get any as it was sold out. Please come back tomorrow, thank you.

You can say whatever you want about the economic slowdown, people can really spend if they want to. Just visit 1 Utama or Mid Valley on any regular weekend. Sometimes you’ll have problems ENTERING the carpark! I love shopping, but I dislike the crowds and jams. And until online shopping takes off in huge way in Malaysia, I’ll have to put up with the inconveniences.


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