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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Fit-4-Fun at PJ EFC

Yesterday morning our YWA (Young Working Adults Group) group had a sports day called 'Fit-4-Fun' at PJ EFC. About 60 girls and guys turned for new-rules-style basketball and captainball. Its was fun. Here are some photos managed to upload last night...

(the blogger may or may not be featured in the photos...)

Briefing and grouping before the tip-off...

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Yao Ming attempts to dribble pass Shaq there...

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Fast-paced action by some former SEA Games medallists...

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One last group shot after prize-giving ceremony. It was all sweat, sweat, sweat...

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All in all, it was tremendous fun, congrats to Danny, Teck and the others for a job well done.

And oh yeah, my team swept to first place, undefeated in b-ball (we had a certain star-player girl...) but lost once in c-ball... (we may consider any offer to sign pro contracts...)

There were also some minor injuries to keep the medic team happy or they would felt redundant...

Till next year then.


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