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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Being A Millionaire By The Age 30

If you've been reading the papers recently, they've been doing a series of interviews with loads of people from different industries about their job, i think it has something to do with some Education Fair. They always end the interview with a question about whether you can be a millionaire by the age 30.

Oh, sure, everybody wants to be a millionaire by 30. Heck better still, most people regret they didn't win the genetic lottery and be born as Bill Gates' kid.

But then of course, you and I know it's far more difficult than it seems, unless:
  • You do it via the less-than-legal way,

  • You're a hot chick and marry a millionaire,

  • You've got some freaky talent like singing or sports or swallowing snakes or something like that.

Anyway, for the rest of us, we can only give excuses when our children asks us why we can't go to Disneyland like all that anak Datuk...

Excuses For Not Being A Millionaire By Age 30

  • "The very low fixed deposit rate of 3.7% per annum has slightly delayed by first million by another 35.4 years. But I still have faith in the magic of compound interest to make that happen."

  • "Somehow I think I overestimated the demand and underestimated the market saturation of direct selling beauty products and scented air purifiers. Apparently Avon and Amway are doing it too! And my upline promised me I can be millionaire if I believed in my mind I can do it! Damn it! Too bad my joining fee of RM10,000 isn’t refundable. And to think my Diamond ArchEmperor status would mean something…"

  • "I did my market research well, but too bad, Malaysia isn’t ready for my concept upmarket bistro-cum-deli serving espresso and Vietnam style fried grasshoppers and cockroaches. Losing money there was tough, but now I’m looking to bring Thailand tuk-tuks to the streets of KL…"

  • "I did a calculation on Excel. In order to be a millionaire by 30, I needed a reasonable pay increase of X amount. Unfortunately, my boss didn’t warm to the idea. So I had to kiss goodbye to that dream."

  • "I set up a PayPal tip jar in my pr0n website, takings have been a little slow these two years. Not to mention how offensive the gahmen has been with me. And they say they ‘support’ local entrepreneurs."

  • "I had this fantastic plan of to bring in mobile self-cleaning toilets right here in the city! Then someone beat me to it…"

  • "Money isn’t everything, I’m happy to live on potato chips and ketchup as long as I get to play DOTA all day long."

  • "I bought a RM500,000 bungalow for investment last week. The next day, the gahmen announced plans to build a waste treatment plant next door."


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