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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hong Kong Holiday Part 10

Aberdeen is also another bayside district, this one is famous for the massive floating restaurants and marina. There is a pier where you can wait to board a very affordable boat cruise. Once out on the water, you can see lots of interesting stuff. The marina is loaded with lots of expensive yatchs, mostly bigger than the average houses. They are owned by the rich and famous in HK, and they are all immaculately maintained.

Further up from the bay you can see lots of tankers and large ships docked in the middle of the bay, and the shore is lined with many boat repair docks. Further up, there are boat people still staying there, but there are quite well off, with electrical appliances and floating restaurants.

The attraction is of course the two large floating restaurants - one being Jumbo which is world famous for it exotic setting and expensive prices.


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