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Monday, October 29, 2007

Visit Germany

October is a great time for visiting Germany, if only for the Oktoberfest. It's a time for merriment, dancing, making friends, and of course the free flowing beer.

But Germany is more than that. There are lots of magnificent castles in Bavaria. You can choose from the many, many hotels in germany that offer great facilities, depending on which part of the country that you want to visit.

If you want to stay in any of the hotels in berlin to visit the city, you may want to stay near the Brandenburg Gate, the most famous landmark in the city.

(image from wikipedia)

You can spend a few days visiting all the excellent museums and parks, or take a day trip to one of the many castles right at the outskirts.

Munich is another must-see city. Hotels in munich are aplenty, and among the tourist highlights are the Marienplatz and St Peter's church.


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