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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Donate A Car

With the number of new cars being sold every month, the number of cars on the road are increasing at a similar rate. I was reading an article in the business magazine the other day about how the number of cars rolling of the plants in Detroit are reaching record numbers in the last few years. If you take into account the worldwide figure, this ratio is far greater, when you consider emerging and new markets like Southeast Asia and China.

In the US alone, families are buying second cars is a trend that is catching on fast. Some even are buying third cars for their teenage children. Another trend is also changing new cars every three to five years. So what do these people do with the old car? More often than not, they are traded in to get a slightly better deal off the new car, or owner can opt to sell the car himself to a second hand car dealer, which is a little more hassle for the owner. But usually this yields a slightly better price for the old car, although the isn’t really that good since the overall second-hand car market isn’t doing too well in recent years.

A third alternative is to scrap the car totally, this option is reserved for cars that are quite old and that may not fetch a good price in the second hand car market.

But here’s an alternative for you and your family if you plan to buy a new car and get rid of the old one - Donate a Car to a worthy cause like What they do is organize Car Donations, from all across the country, where ever you are. The funds go towards a good cause – they produce Free Children's DVDs for a better future for the kids.


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