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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Credit Bad Credit

Everyday in the papers and on TV we see ads for credit cards being advertised, there seem to be no end to the number of new credit card offers that these companies come up with. The latest trend with these 'lifestyle cards' are those that offer a regular Credit Card service but is packaged with numerous added on benefits and freebies that are suited for a particular niche user. For example, if the card is targeted for the young urban partygoer, the card company will tie in with shopping companies and music stores to offer special discounts and promotions from time to time.

That’s all fine and good if you have good credit, you have all the choice in the world. But if you do not have good credit history, then you don’t really have the choices at your disposal. But still, you need a credit card, like any other consumer. Fret not, you can log on to RequestCredit and check out all the available Credit Cards For Bad Credit. The site lists down all the available cards and offers for you, and you can see which one has the best deals for you, including the ones that are awardwinning.


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