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Monday, June 16, 2008

No Credit Credit Cards

Everyone has credit cards. I have 2 myself, but I only use one frequently, the other is only for emergency use, but in my 12 years of using the first one, it has not failed me yet. But everyone else I know have at least has 2 or three, and most of them actively use them all the time, in part due to our active lifestyle in this day and age.

But credit in our lives today, permeates our lifestyles more than in the form of credit card, we take credit in the form of home loans, personal loans and car loans. I am currently servicing one huge car loan and an even bigger home loan.
If you have problems getting a card, due to any particular reason like having a bad credit history, you can imagine the problems you have with cashflow. You can’t get a credit card, you have problems getting your loans approved (if they even get considered at all) and you probably have to rely a lot of cash, which you don’t have a lot of, and is the precise reason why you need credit in the first place. Check out no credit credit card they have the listings of all the best cards for people with no credit. Very nifty website, they are heaven sent for some of us.


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