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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Card With Free Miles

Everyone carries a credit card these days, some of my friends even carry two or three of them with them all the time. Why, I don’t even know. Maybe for some retail emergency I suppose. But sometimes as consumers we rely on credit too much, without us even realizing it. We pay for almost every purchase we make with that plastic card, even for small purchases.
It is no wonder banks and financial institutions are rushing to grab customers to use their cards, enticing us with loads of benefits and freebies. Sometimes they offer better rates for partner merchants, sometimes they have special one-off deals for certain purchases.
It is all pretty confusing if you are looking for a new credit card and are not really sure which one to get. We admit, sometimes it is difficult to make a comparison with all the different factors that are played into the card. If you in the market for a card, check out this site where they list down all the major cards available out there and they give you the complete rundown of the benefits available. Perhaps you are looking for credit card deals with free miles, you can then easily look for it here.


  • I agree Simon, why does anyone need three or more credit cards? I applied for mine online after sifting through several price comparison websites such as eComparison to find a card that benefits me the most. I try not to use the card too frequently and always pay at least eighty percent of the balance of each month.

    By Blogger Paula, at 7/28/2008 09:09:00 pm  

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