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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Birthdays And All That Jazz

Seems like a lot of my friends' birthdays fall in September. Well, okay, either September or October. i wonder why. it's probably some strange coincidence, since there are 6 billion people on earth at the moment, so i think generally the distribution of birthdays over every single day of the year is pretty uniform, save for February 29th.

Today's my friend's birthday, it falls on the same day as the installation of our new king. Now that's a coincidence, since the date of the installation is a chosen date, but on the other hand, my friend pretty much didn't have any say as to when his birthday was.

Birthdays tend to get overrated as you grow older. I'm not saying that out of cynicism, it's just that (unless you're a old billionaire where lots of people are sucking up to you) birthdays are only a reminder that you are a year older, but not necessarily wiser. I am extremely blessed to be able to celebrate my birthdays with my family, and usually with good food.

Anyways, life isn't all about birthdays, probably that's why they come but once a year. The other 364 days matter as much, which is probably far more important to your own well being.


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