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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

They Say the Elections Are Coming…

They’ve started to re-pave the road leading into the kampong near my house, so I’m thinking the elections are coming soon. The last time they paved the pothole-ridden asphalt road was like, 5 years ago (go figure).

As any responsible Malaysian, you should go and register and vote. Here’s a few good reasons why.

Four Good Reasons To Register And Vote During the Election

  • Legit bragging rights with your under-age friends that, "I've voted in the elections because I KNOW my vote COUNTS in making this great COUNTRY a better place, man."

  • Free political party buttons.

  • You get to knock off early from work ‘to go and vote’. Usually, people take enough time to sneak back home for a snooze, have a kopi tarik at the mamak, THEN go and vote about 4.50pm.

  • It’s just one BIG Malaysian Idol / AFUNDI contest, but with contestants that sing less and talk more.

I haven’t really voted that often, seeing that I just took my SPM a few years ago (ahem), but I remember the last one very well. I had to hitch a ride from my neighbours motorcycle since my car was blocked by too many cars jamming up the roads.

In the 5 minutes I rode pillion with the nice Indian uncle that lived on the next street, I had to listen to him talk about ‘this politician who has a Swiss bank account’ and ‘how corrupted that guy running in my wife’s constituency is’.

Next time I’m walking to the polling station. All 500 meters from my house to there.


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