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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hot Water Spring in Sungkai

A few posts ago I mentioned I was on a holiday trip to Damai Laut. Actually, on the day before that I visited the Hot Water Springs in Sungkai en route to Damai Laut, spending one night in Sitiawan.

The hot water spring was a recommendation from a colleague, he's one of those that goes off exploring the countryside every weekend and checking every small village and nature spot off the beaten track. In fact, some months ago this place was mentioned in the Star newspaper, but I thought it was some backwater, poorly run place.

But my friend told me otherwise. So on a whim, my wife and I packed up the 2 girls and took off to Sungkai. Its easy to go there. Drive north on the PLUS highway (where they MINUS a lot of your money for toll) and turn off at Sungkai. Its about 90 minutes to get to the interchange. Right after the toll gates turn right at the junction, and after a very short distance, you'll a sign prompting you to turn left. From then just follow the signs and you'll be brought through a Felda settlement, a palm oil plantation and finally the hot springs itself. It's simple and impressive, and the water is really hot. There's a cafeteria serving ais kacang and nasi campur, a coke vending machine and plenty of shady spots.

When I was there, there were quite many families picnicking there, be sure to be there in the early morning or late evening to avoid the blistering heat, but as a Malaysian, you'll probably know that.

We had a great time there, try to go there yourself to enjoy it while it is still new and well maintained, before it runs into dilapidation and rubbish-strewn like all other tourist spots in Malaysia.

We planned to go to the deer and bird farm nearby, but didn't make it. Maybe another weekend...


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