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Monday, May 09, 2005

Rejected Names for Perodua Myvi

As you know, Perodua has launched their latest model Myvi. Yeah, that’s right, that’s the model name. I’m thinking it’s pronounced “Mai-vee” as in “may-be”. I’m not sure it’s a great name, but I think they could have done a lot worse.

I’m always curious about how they come up with names for car models.

Here are probably some suggested names for the new model that got rejected by the managers at Perodua:

Perodua Empat-roda
A bit too obvious for a name.

Perodua Kambing / Kelawar / Kelip-kelip
Keeping with the trend of naming cars after animals starting with ‘K’ (kancil kenari, kelisa, etc)

Perodua MyBaby
Sounds cuter than Myvi, no?

Perodua Evolution III
I’ll admit this name may have already been taken…

Perodua Kompressor
Umm, what kind of ‘compressor’ would they be referring to?

Perodua Tiru Daihatsu
Throw in some Japanese names to add to touch of class, perhaps…

Perodua Peronda
Too bad the execs didn’t like rhyming names.

Perodua Gempak
To pander to all those potential mat rock buyers.

Perodua Jen2
Short for Jenis ke-2. Well, if Proton can do it…

Perodua Not Bad

I kind of like this one.

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