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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Smart Answers to Difficult Questions! Order Now!

Ever get asked a question that you can’t answer but don’t want to show your ignorance?

Or don’t want to lose face in front of everybody even though you didn’t finish primary school?

Or want to show that you’re smarter than everyone else (but actually you’re the opposite)?

Don’t worry, Simon is here!

Learn to be a smart-alec with these fantastic example answers! Learn the tricks and soon people will think you have a PhD! Is so simple!!
(If you would like to buy the complete DVD training course, send USD$399.90 to me)

Sample smart answers to ANY random intelligent questions:

Question: What do you think is the primary reason for the change in ratings issued earlier by Morgan Stanley Capital?
Answer: What do YOU think?

Question: Why do you think the 4 to 1 exhaust manifold is chosen in this situation?
Answer: Well, why not?

Question: Actually why does the FIC impose these limitations on foreigners buying property in Malaysia but not for foreign owned corporations?
Answer: Hard to say…

Question: Say, I need all the help and advice for the treasure hunt tomorrow…
Answer: You know, I COULD help you, but wouldn’t it be more satisfying if you succeeded on your own?

Question: For credit card purchases do we press the blue button first or open the cash register first?
Answer: Do I look very free to you?

And lastly, the best one…

Question: Wow, how do those racers drift their cars with such ease?
Answer: Simple thing like this I don’t need to explain it to you, right?

Call now for our unbeatable offer and get a Simon coffee mug free! While stocks last!

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