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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Simon in the PPS Neophyte of the Year Award

Evidently, I have been nominated for the Neophyte of the Year Award in the PPS 2nd Anniversary celebrations. I am very surprised how this happened, seeing that my blog usually has only two readers.

If you like this blog and wish to vote for it (and have not voted for the other two great blogs) you can do so here.

If you missed that, here it is again.

I just hope I can get more than two votes, I up against some really popular blogs. Hopefully, Aizuddin and the good people at PPS will not publish the results of the voting, it would be really embarrassing for everyone to see my two votes!

Anyways, here goes some shameless campaigning on my part.

Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Simon in the PPS Neophyte of the Year Award

  • Simon isn’t really a moronic male blogger – in real life, ‘he’ is a hot bikini model babe.

  • He hasn’t washed his clothes for months. He needs the free PPS T-shirt prize to last him another two weeks.

  • Simon is using the awards as the stepping stone for his greater plans – first the PPS, then Gerakan party elections, then World Domination as Dark Lord of the Sith! BWUAHAHAHA!!!!

  • The blog is NOT really authored him, it’s written by 8 well-trained monkeys working on typewriters for 12 hours a day. A vote for him is a vote for animal equality rights.

  • He needs something to cheer him up, after coming in third in Amazing Race 7 AND losing out to Bo and Carrie in American Idol, Simon is really feeling depressed…

  • If he wins the first prize of 1-year free web-hosting, Simon can fulfill his life-long dream of setting an internet company specializing in phishing, cheap online drugs, spam e-mailing, credit card scams, male performance enhancement drugs, etc.

  • A vote for Simon is a vote against globalization, against the EU solidarity, against emission of greenhouse gases, against wanton killing of Rajah Brooke butterflies, ….zzzzz…. zzzzz….

  • Simon needs the support of fellow bloggers as he is facing the ongoing traumatic court case saga. (He is accused of exposing himself to a group of ladies at a bus-stop while wearing a Darth Vader costume…)

  • He would really like to win something before the world comes to end officially on June 26, 2005 (Simon is a member of the Heaven’s Door and Earth’s Temple Cult)

  • The Neophyte of the Year will look great next to his collection of awards – Best KL Despatch Boy ’98, Most MC’s in a Year (Asia-Pacific) 2004, Special Award by PLUS for Oldest Car on North-South Highway, Voted Most Unlikely To Succeed in by Form Five classmates, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Vote for Simon now! (Yep, more shameless campaigning...)


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