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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Top Ten Things Simon Just Realized Today, June 29, 2005

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow marks the end of the first of 2005. That means 6 months has passed, another 6 more to 2006. I don’t know whether to celebrate or gripe. Regardless, this morning on the way to work, while in the traffic jam, I just realized a few things, in conjunction with this mid year milestone…

Top Ten Things Simon Just Realized Today, 29th June 2005

  • He has just realized he has only achieved 2 items in his list of 25 resolutions for this year – ‘get through first half of the year without getting fired’ and ‘eat less complex carbohydrates’.

  • He forgot to submit his tax returns. (OMG…!)

  • The earlier in the month you get your monthly salary, the faster you run out of money. (It’s not even JULY yet!!)

  • Out of the 9 goldfish he has, there is now only one, lone survivor (it’s like a reality show for pets... that neighbour's cat better watch out...)

  • The newspapers are getting more and more depressing everyday.

  • Life without EPL kinda sucks.

  • He has been wearing the same pair of office slacks for the past 3 days. (When is that salary review coming?! I need to go wardrobe shopping!)

  • Every morning on the way, other drivers all make way and stay clear of his old junk car. (“No, no, dear… don’t drive too close to that car… it looks like its going to fall apart any moment…!”)

  • The guy I buy newspapers from every morning looks a lot like Chow Yuen Fatt. (especially with that toothpick…)

  • There are no public holidays in July. (Gaaaah….!).

Looks like another sloooow day...

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