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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

First, 'Winter Sonata', Now, 'Jewel in the Palace'

My wife is following that Korean series ‘Jewel in the Palace’ which is dubbed into Cantonese on Channel 30 (Astro). I’m not a big fan of these slow moving dramas, but apparently there is a lot of hype going around it and other Korean dramas.

I’ve no idea what the show is about, but I’m sure most Malaysian will remember another huge craze some years ago called ‘Winter Sonata’. Oh yeah, that one was so big even the malay ladies in my office were talking about it non-stop. Even my brother and sis-in-law went on one of those ‘Winter Sonata’ tours in South Korea for their honeymoon.

According to them, the tour also consisted of some Malay middle aged couple bent on taking photo of every location the show ever visited.

Again, I’ve never watched a minute of that show, but according to my Malay colleague, her 6 year old son can sing the theme song of the show in pitch perfect Korean. This coming from a kid who can’t speak a word of English, let alone any Korean.

Then I read somewhere that a local producer released a local series called ‘Cinta Sonata’. The storyline apparently, was almost similar to it’s more famous namesake. But according to this well-known local director, he thought of the name and love storyline even before ‘Winter Sonata’ was released. Yeah, sure. Malaysia Boleh.

Well, coming back to this Jewel in the Palace. Kind of reminds me of the show ‘Koo Sin Lian’ back in the 80’s. Wow, that was a long series, I think it was 60 episodes long, it was showed on Sunday afternoon. There was even a Japanese version, called ‘Oshin’.

For those who can’t remember it was one long, teary show about a hardworking farm girl who leaves home to work in a restaurant in the city. Every week there was at least one scene where the grandmother would wake up from a nightmare, run out of their wooden shack are cry, ‘Xiao Lian! Xiao Lian!”.

Seems like these Mandarin/Korean/Japanese dramas haven’t changed much all these years…

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  • OMG..I remember Koo Sin Lian very well. Cried so much in the movie you know!! And my mom loved Oshin ALOT!

    But I find it weird that people would go on a honeymoon tour to these places. Would the hubby enjoy? Hmmm... =P

    By Blogger wildcharm, at 7/20/2005 02:46:00 pm  

  • OH puke! I remember that oshin thingy. And I don't have the faintest idea what is winter sonata and what-what palace? Maybe I should stay away from my Google Adsense's dream and stick to the TV. I even forget about Desperate housewives E3.

    By Blogger 5xmom, at 7/20/2005 03:04:00 pm  

  • God, I HATED Koo Sin Lian. Stupid show. Cry and cry and cry and cry.

    I was fighting with my brother for the color TV to watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, which was on anotehr channel at the same time KSL was aired.

    By Blogger sexymama, at 7/20/2005 03:06:00 pm  

  • i don't know ksl, but i do remember oshin. aiyah... so sedih one. but i didn't watch lah. also i remember there was another cantonese serial my aunt never misses. 'man in the net' if i'm not mistaken... betul ke ni?

    and then there was this other show, japanese i think, dubbed to malay. about this girl who wanted to become stewardess or volleyball player or something. all i remember was she kept nodding her head to her teacher and going "baik!" she was the "kura-kura cikgu" or some other teacher's pet lah....

    By Blogger mudslinger, at 7/20/2005 03:42:00 pm  

  • winter sonata was pretty ok..watchable.. though slow.. but all this korean/jap shows very slow ler.. suspence betul.

    But I loved the Jap one which spinned into a version of 'You've got mail'. Forgot the title. But the guy played "Once in a blue moon" on the piano. Heart melted =P

    By Blogger cyber-red, at 7/20/2005 04:47:00 pm  

  • Haha..I know the's it called Lovers In Paris or something...forgot lah..I thikn it's that..Short hair girl with that Yutaka Takenouchi...whoosh

    By Blogger wildcharm, at 7/20/2005 06:21:00 pm  

  • must watch winter sonata! sure it's slow going but it's one of the best korean dramas that sucks you in and you're caught! gotta watch it no matter what (hehe)
    hawaii is fine...very the PANAS coz it's summertime here now! Wish I could be at the beach everyday instead of being stuck at the office!

    By Blogger c o n s u e l a, at 7/21/2005 02:29:00 am  

  • 5xmom - try asking your malay lady next door...

    sexymama - speaking of crying shows, i remember another worse one. a taiwan show called green grass of home. Ick.

    mudslinger - yes, man in the net (mong chong yan) that was a classic. but i remember the volleyball one. the dubbing was horrendous.

    cyber-red - it was like 60 episodes, right? all the girls were crazy for the guy, whats-his-name.

    wildcharm - actually a lot of guys watch sonata. only they dun admit... i remember lovers in paris... s-l-o-w....

    miszbabykiss - my sis-in-law bought a winter sonata keychain for my daughter... quite cute!

    By Blogger Simon, at 7/21/2005 08:35:00 am  

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