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Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Thought on the London Blast... and Malaysia

As I am blogging this, news of the London blast is slowing filtering in via cable TV, newsfeed, e-mails and blogs.

Yesterday, London just won the right to host the 2012 Olympics. Then the G8 summit commenced.

Today, London is shell-shocked and in mourning.

Who is responsible and what their motives are is inconsequential at this juncture. What is more important is that an act of terrorism has taken place and human lives are lost.

Terrorism today knows no religion, creed, race, political boundaries or anything tangible as that. In recent years, Muslim countries have been bombed, European targets have been attacked, non-aligned / peaceful / neutral Asian countries have also not been spared.

I urge Malaysians to pray for the victims and their families of the blast. And pray also for the safety and peace in our very own country.

For every good, law-abiding person in Malaysian, there is another extremist/fanatic elsewhere that will do anything to further the cause he or she will readily die for. When terrorism is concerned, is anything possible, nothing is too sacred. Even our beloved country.

Pray for the safety of our nation, where ever your beliefs lie. Pray that our peaceful nation and cities do not become an 'incident' in a endemic war that we are not directly part or privy of.

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