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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Haze, Rain and the Stock Market

Haze, rain (flood and traffic jams), haze, rain (flood and...), haze...

I'm beginning to see a pattern emerging here.

After one week of lung choking haze, number of MC's increase. Yes, I contributed one day, too. Then the papers will be out with their swords against those people contributing to the haze e.g. evil logging companies, poor enforcement by neighbouring companies, restaurants serving sizzling steaks, etc.

Then comes one day of super heavy rain.

I guarantee you the next day there'll be front page pictures comparing the 'haze' and 'no haze' KL skyline. Usually with Mat Salleh tourist pointing to the sky. (Yes, everyone, don't forget the haze will be turned into a major tourist event for Visit Malaysia Year 2007).

Traffic jams and floodings caused by the heavy downpour, aiyah, that one we Malaysians used to it la, if you're caught in it, who ask you to leave the office so late? Very busy izzit? Year end evaluation long time more, lah...

The other day in the thick of the haze, when i couldn't even see 200m ahead of the road in the morning, the radio news was telling me that the API reading for KL is still not at dangerous level yet, only 120 or something. 'Dangerous level' is defined at 300. Geez, i can imagine what 300 would look like. If the API=100, i get 1 day MC, then API=300 i might get 3 days.

I suspect that the API readings have a strange correlation with the KLCI, but have yet to see the significance of it. Well, at least the API increases, can't really say the same for the KLCI, so...


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