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Friday, January 05, 2007

Some Local Blog Pinging / RSS / Aggregator Services

Since it's Friday, and i've nothing else to do, i'm going to plug some blog pinging services. We all know Project Petaling Street, it's been around quite awhile. There were others that followed, some survived the first few months, some didn't (remember PPS2? Project Kacang Kuda?). A few others that are still around are Planet Malaysia and sarawho. Both actually use RSS feeds, but also acts as a blog update service.

The end result is pretty much the same with all the services - you update your blog, they'll get to know about it and highlight it on their front page either through the RSS feed or an auto-pinger, or you manually ping it (like some people still do on PPS).

But recently, (well not very recent actually), a couple other local services surfaced. The first is fakapster (what a name!) which has been around awhile in one form or another, but recently launched in it's current incarnation. The layout is pretty spartan here, but it's nice and clean, without any ads or complicated sidebars.

Another one would be FrenzRSS, run by none other than Rojaks (who was a client of mine in a court case once) and 5xmom, two long-time fehmes bloggers who... aw heck, if you don't know them, you should start reading more local blogs.

So sign up, get more people to read your blog, and get to know more cool blogs to read, it helps to pass the time at work between clocking in and clock out...


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