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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SMART Tunnel Opening Next Week

I don't know... the Smart Tunnel will be opened next Monday, that's what the news said today. After 4 long years of traffic james and messy construction, it's finally completed. They won't be charging toll yet for the time being, seeing that the government has yet to confirm the toll rates.

I'm skeptical it will alleviate the horrendous jam at the strip of road leading into the city, and i am also skeptical about the effectiveness of it's other intended use, as a flood mitigation measure. the other day were we caught in a terrible jam by a small flooding right above the tunnel during it's testing stage. So much for a SMART tunnel.

The toll, well, i'm thinking it ain't gonna be cheap, that's for sure. Think about all the money that went into the years of construction, land acquisition, etc. I'm thinking it's definitely more than 2 bucks for that short stretch.


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