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Friday, September 19, 2008

Living With Credit

On the last count, I have two active credit cards at the moment, and my wife carries a supplementary card from me. I used to have another two (that will make four in total) but after a few years I had come to the realization I hardly use more than one at any time.

But that's just me and my family. I have friends that carry many more, maybe their lifestyle require that they need all that credit, and I can easily understand why. Everything cost a lot of money these days, like food and gas prices, so carrying all that cash is no longer an option.

So with banks and companies offering new credit card schemes every month, which card suits you best? Some people stick with the big corporations like Amex and Diners Club, but with the competitive discounts and rewards that some of these cards offer, the choice is really astounding. Sometimes its difficult to track these changes, so the best place is to find a suitable website that tells you all about the Credit Card Rates Changes.

They also offer cards for those with bad credit, and cards are also sorted by the deals and promotions on offer, so its all very easy to browse and immediately find the card that suits your lifestyle and spending habits.


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