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Monday, August 01, 2011

Two Week Report on Streamyx

I've had Streamyx for just over two weeks now.

If i were to give it a report card, it'd be bad.

Somedays i don't get any connection, some days are okay. But it's the down time that annoys the heck out of me. The last down time was from Thursday night right up to this afternoon. And I'm paying good money for this 'broadband' (and so are lots and lots and lots of people).

Before i subscribed to them, i used to read and hear lots of people including my pals rant and bitch about streamyx, now i can understand why. But it's not that i have an option, it's either this or dial-up. Or no internet.

On the good days, surfing speed varies. Sometimes it's slow, but it's usually adequate. I haven't tested the speed to see whether it's anywhere near 70-80% of the max, does anyone know of any good internet speed websites?


On another note, i bought a computer table for my daughter (not IKEA).

When we brought it back (it was one of those DIY sets pre-pack in flat boxes), we found there was a piece missing - a crucial piece. If fact, the packet of screws and nails was not properly sealed, and they were all rolling around inside box, leaving fine scratches everywhere.

Anyway to cut the short story short, we gave the store a tongue lashing, and it took them more than a week to replace the missing piece. They even had the cheek to say they lost our contact number.


Furniture business seems to be booming. Two more huge furniture malls just opened up down the street. Everyday, i can see loads of people buying new furniture. Not just Chinese folks - Malays and Indians and others.

Economic slowdown? What economic slowdown?


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