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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fear of Dentists

You know what? As a kid, I was REALLY petrified of the dentist.

My school had this dentist that went round all the schools to do check up on the students' teeth, and every time he stepped into my school gates, all of us would start worrying.

It was much later that I realized that your parents needed to register for this service before they'd call your name, and my parents did NOT register me, since we had a regular dentist. All that worrying for nothing.

When I was much older, I had to go to the dentist regularly as I had to wear a plate. I think it was every fortnight – he needed to adjust my plate to make sure my teeth grew straight. Since then I was sort of desensitized to the fear of dentist, the fear was more on the humongous medical bill he produced at the end of each month.

Really, if I wanted to extract a string and then slammed it shut. But make sure you slam the door in the right direction.

Painful, and not recommended. Dentist inflict the same pain, but at least there are painkillers. But no such painkillers for the pain in your wallet, though.

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