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Friday, April 27, 2007

No One Was Kicked Out

Last night's Idol Gives Back show was really good, and at the end of it all, none of the six contestants were eliminated. It wasn't the 'biggest shock in the history of American Idol' as Ryan Seacrest kept plugging shamelessly, but i think it was in good spirit given the whole sentiment of charity last night.

I thought the performances were okay only, not as spectacular as they made it out to be, but in some parts it was good, like the bit with Jack Blakc and Seal. Jack Black isn't readily identifiable with the American Idol image, he's more of an MTV kind of pseudo-celeb, but i guess it doesn't hurt for Idol to try to connect with a different, more lucrative demograph.

Celine Dion did this 'duet' with the King, Elvis Presley, through the magic of audio and video technology, i wonder how much the producers paid to get the rights to that one. I've heard Elvis, alongside the Beatles are some the notoriously famous artistes that have stoically refused to allow their songs to be used in the show before, but i suppose everyone has a price, dead or alive.

The video footage of the kids across America and Africa were tastefully kept in good intentions, although i note that Simon Cowell still kept his aloofness at the first time he went on stage, and what's with Paula's dress?!


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