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Friday, May 04, 2007

Phil and Chris are Out

Phil and Chris are out of American Idol. Not unexpected, but they did have poor nights on Tuesday.

That just leaves the 3 girls - Jordin, LaKisha (Simon Cowell's "girlfriend"), Melinda and of course the last guy standing, Blake.

Blake took a huge risk, and it paid off. Compared to him, the other two guys looked bland and uninspired. When you come to this stage of the show, it really means you have to bring the game every week, one week you're not and you're off.

So with 2 more elimination to go before the finale, it's too close to call. Let's see how it goes next week.

On another note, Simon Cowell looked chirpy for once.

But Bon Jovi gave an EXCELLENT performance. Everyone was expecting them to rock the stage up, but unpredictably, they gave a solid performance, slow burn and powerful.

Now THAT's star power.


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