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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bon Jovi on Idol

Wow, what a great episode of American Idol last night. I love Bon Jovi, and to see the idol aspirants belt out BJ classics was just great. Can't wait for tonight when the boys from Jersey will be performing on the idol stage for the result show.

So who did i like the best? I liked Blake, he took a huge risk to do the beatbox version, and i think he did a fantastic version. BJ should consider releasing that version as a B-side or something like that. that'll make them and Blake a few bucks.

It's hard for me to decide which of the 2 will be voted off, you need to remember that there were 70 millions votes last week, compared to the usual 30 million plus for this week (on the average), so the losers will probably been have decided last week. But i think Chris is on thin ice.


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