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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hong Kong Holiday Part 12

So we ended our half day tour of the city with a lunch at a restaurant in one of the shopping centres in the city, actually it was located next to our own hotel! Anyway the food was quite good, we had big portions and tasted great. Meanwhile the tour photographer was trying to sell the tourist some of the photos he took, each one with glazed on a plate. We knew it was a little extravagant, but we took it anyway!

After lunch, since we were so near our hotel, we went back to our room and slept it off. After that we woke in the early evening and decided to go to the night markets that are so famous - like Ladies Market, Temple Street and the ilk. So we hopped on the nearest MTR down two stations and we were there.

They weren't as fantastic as we envisioned it to be - probably since we are used to it back home. The stuff isn't really all that cheap, considering the high cost of living in HK.


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