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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hong Kong Holiday Part 16

Our bus was packed with people leaving Ocean Park. Furthermore we were caught in this jam entering Kowloon, but thankfully it was for a short distance. We reached the bus stand in front of the Admiralty MTR station where we wanted to get off, my younger kid was fast asleep so we had to carry her down.

I was tired myself and didn't want to think so hard or walk further to find a place to eat, so we crossed the street to the nearest eatery we could find - McDonalds!

Service was a little poor, and their level of English was rudimentary, but the menu was pretty much the same as what we have here. The funny thing about this McDs was that there was no toilet - you had to get a key from a hook and walk to the shopping mall toilet some distance away. Weird.


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