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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cool Photo Blankets

People tend to think of bedroom as the least characteristic room in the house in terms of decoration, since visitors don’t usually come in and see this personal space. People spend a lot of time and thought in decorating their living and dining, kitchen, and even the toilets, but bedrooms can sometimes be plainly maintained.

I see bedrooms as my own personal space for expressing my personality the best. That’s why I put up a lot of pictures and posters in my room. The pics are of my family and fun times I’ve had, like on vacation, and also posters of my favorite movies and rock bands. I keep all my favorite stuff in the room, the stuff that always cheers me up.

One other way to spruce up your room if you are of the same mind as I am is to have picture blankets. What’s that, you say? It’s a cool way to get your favorite picture printed onto your blanket, bedding or pillowcase. How cool is that? Imagine a huge picture of your family on your blanket. Makes a great conversation piece, and gifts for your friends!


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