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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Dems Lose Congress

Obama and the Dems just got trounced in the mid-terms. Not good at all for the President elect, looks like its gonna be a tough 2 years for him and the big boys in the White House. The key issue that the GOP took to task was that the Dems were bankrupting the country and not doing enough to revive the economy.

As for the everyday man, life still goes on, and its a fact that the economy has seen better days. People who are investing need to more savvy and picky in where they store their money, to see out these lean years. Property isn't doing as well anymore, and the stock and bond markets are sluggish. But what about gold coins? This solid investment is still steady, backed by good fundamentals. Gold is short in supply, that's what keeps it demand high, and therefore pricier.


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