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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Craig Bellamy may join Birmingham City

This just in - Newcastle's bad boy striker Craig Bellamy may join Birmingham City for 6 million pounds.

My first reaction - What on earth is Steve Bruce thinking?! Well, sure Bellamy is very talented and only 25, but he's also shockingly inconsistent and super-arrogant. For Birmingham, such a small club to consider forking out 6 million pounds (make your own Steve Austin joke here), and prepare to pay something like $40,000 PER WEEK for him is uncharacteristic and risky.

Don't get me wrong, I like Bellamy. He's skillful, and fast. But like I said, also inconsistent. And I don't want to see another mid-table club like BCFC blow serious cash only to be disappointed.

Bellamy is known to be arrogant, temperamental, confrontative, etc and Steve Bruce is not known to be a strict disciplinarian. With that kind of attitude and paycheck, who wants to bet some of the old boys in Birmingham locker room are going to feel disgruntled.

Maybe it may work out and I'm wrong. Maybe. If Bellamy plays every week, he may score enough goals to justify this transfer, something he did not get to do in Newcastle. And Steve Bruce is no pushover, either. Maybe, just maybe, it may work.

And I can also understand Bruce's need for another striker. Who's he got? Emile 'fall-on-your-ass' Heskey.


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