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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

How About Malaysian Bumper Stickers

Unlike in US and UK, bumper stickers aren’t very popular in Malaysia. It’s not hard too see why. Most Malaysians don’t like to stick anything on their expensive cars, lest they damage the beautiful paint work. And besides, Malaysians’ weird sense of humour doesn’t really sound funny anymore when it’s written down on a small sticker.

Some American stickers are popular here, like these seen in my office parking lot:

  • "This car is insured by the MAFIA"
  • "Clap! Clap! Clap! Thank you for not laughing at my car!"
  • "Do Not Wash! This car is undergoing a dirt test…"
  • "My Other car is a Porsche."

Then there are the rare local-humour stickers that are quite funny:

  • "KL City Pothole Survivor"

Well, actually I can only remember that one.

Which got me thinking, somebody should actually market Malaysian-made bumper stickers, no? Since bumper stickers generally convey what the driver wants to say (and boy, do Malaysian drivers say a lot), I thinking this is a gold mine waiting to be discovered. Here are some suggestions:

  • “Apa Tengok-Tengok?! Mau Cari Gaduh Aa?” (“What Are You Looking At? Wanna Fight Aa?”)
  • “Don’t Tailgate Me, Road Hogging Is My Right”
  • This Car Is Protected By The Nine Dragons Triads (this one wouldn’t be a joke…)
  • “PLUS Highway : Penang-JB in 4 Hours”
  • “Caution – Convicted Road Bully Inside”
  • “I Used To Be A KL Minibus Driver”

Any other suggestions?


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